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CTP Systems DCD2020 Dante Enabled Commentary Box

The DCD2020 is a Dante enabled Commentary box/Reporter mixer supporting 2+1 commentators. Network connection may be fiber or copper and it has full network redundancy. Microphone amplifier gains and many other adjustments such as phantom power and limit levels may be made on the local lockable LCD screen or remotely via the DCD2020’s web page. In addition to the commentary box functions there is a built in Dante breakout box with six analog inputs and eight analog outputs. With 240V mains, 12 volt and PoE powering and a built in ethernet switch the DCD2020 can truly be the hub of your commentary system.

The DCD2020 includes three digitally controlled microphone amplifiers with very low distortion and really natural sounding audio amplification. Microphone amplifier gain is adjustable in 1dB steps from 0dB to +70dB. Each microphone has its own adjustable threshold limiter and switchable 48 volt phantom power with status indicated by red LEDs on the front of the unit. There is also a mixed output available with its own limiter. Commentators A and B have four individually selectable talk keys each and the guest position has two. Each also has an On-Air key which may serve as an indicator, a ‘cough’ key or a latching On/Off Air key. There are eight individual listen inputs for Commentator A and B and four for the guest, all with left/right/both ear piece select switches. Each commentary position may be connected using 5 pin headset XLRs or XLR 3 mic input and TRS jacks, suitable for use with both 1/4 inch or PO.

The DCD2020 can be powered by 110-240VAC mains, PoE, 12 volts or any combination for a redundant power supply. The unit includes three GPI inputs for remote talk key switching and three GPI outputs for on-air light switching on the rear D15 connector.

There are six analog inputs and eight analog outputs available via XLR on the rear of the unit, all accessible via the network. These breakouts have no fixed function and may be used for external facilities as required. They may also be used to provide analogue inputs and outputs to/from the commentary box. A built in 1kHz, 2kHz or 400Hz tone generator can be set to identify the audio outputs, perfect for setup and identification with a different tone ident sequence on each output. Lots of lights flash when its on so its not easy to forget. dBFS metering is available for all three commentators and the mixed output. The system includes two 2:1 Dante mixers for convenient adding of Dante audio signals. The purpose was to design a unit to match all current technological requirements while still retaining a familiar feel for the commentator. 

Welcome to SCMS/Bradley Broadcast

(photo: BW Broadcast TX300 Transmitter)

We are a full-line dealer of broadcast, video, and professional sound equipment serving the broadcast, government, school, church and military marketplaces. We have over 40 years experience helping our customers choose the right equipment for the job.

What We Do


We represent nearly 1000 professional product lines for Broadcast Radio, TV, Production,  Networks, and Audio Visual users, as well as Houses of Worship and Individual audio enthusiasts. Click Here for our Line Card.


We have custom-built packages to meet your needs and budget when constructing your new LPFM station. Contact us with your information!


FM Translators for existing AM stations have recently been approved for certain classes of AM Radio. We have the equipment you need to maximize the value of this new service to your listeners.


We have over 41 years experience specifying and working with Broadcasters to make their facilities the best they can be.

Feature: Tieline Products

Tieline Merlin

The 1RU Merlin rack mount IP codec delivers high quality bidirectional stereo and full duplex communications for point-to-point and remote broadcast connections. It is ideal for studio and remote truck installations and delivers:

High fidelity point-to-point stereo, or
Point-to-point stereo plus a separate bidirectional IFB channel, or
Up to two mono connections to different Tieline IP codecs, or smartphones using Report-IT. 

Tieline Bridge-IT Pro    

Tieline’s Bridge-IT is the ultimate affordable, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications. Designed to deliver point-to-point or multi-point connections, Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply and effectively over a range of managed and unmanaged wired and wireless* IP data networks, such as LANs, WANs and the internet

Tieline VIA Codec

Intuitive, simple to connect LCD touch screen
Supports 2 separate mono connections, stereo, or stereo plus a separate IFB circuit (all connections bidirectional)
Dual Gigabit LAN ports
Optional ViA ISDN & ViA POTS interface modules
Built-in Wi-Fi and 2 x USB cellular options
Bonding of multiple IP interfaces with Fuse-IP
Includes SmartStream PLUS and Fuse-IP network bonding as standard
Automated backup over IP, ISDN or POTS
Linear audio plus a wide range of algorithms as standard, including Opus, Tieline Music and Music PLUS, aptX Enhanced, MPEG1 Layer 2, MPEG 3, LC-AAC, HE-AACv1 & v2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, G.711 and G.722
Features added with periodic updates
Ships with a road case, battery and power supply as standard. 

Tieline Genie STL

Tieline's Genie STL is the World's most powerful DSP-based IP audio codec for mission critical point-to-point connections and studio-to-transmitter links.

Designed for the latest digital IP broadcast networks, Genie STL is the most feature-packed STL-grade IP audio codec with multiple levels of power, audio and network redundancy.

New! PR&E DMX IP Console

The new DMX AoIP console line carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand, but includes IP audio routing as an easy studio add-on. It’s an ideal setup for the two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network.

The DMX AoIP is all-inclusive without the need for an external Ethernet switch. It provides 1Gb connectivity for robust routing of sources and destinations between studios and integrates easily into most existing radio automaton systems using proven WheatNet-IP automation drivers.

The new DMX control surface is a fully integrated standalone console for on-air and production applications. It is available in an 8-fader (DMX-8) or 16-fader (DMX-16) frame with four program busses and bus-minus on every fader as well as convenient control knob on each channel for adjusting pan, mode, and input sources. The console has talkback and cue functions, EQ/dynamics, and control room, studio and headphone monitors, plus LED metering, built-in timer, and four-event recall.

This new console surface is available with a 1RU DMX mix engine and 1RU Razor I/O module, which include 1GB Ethernet ports and RJ-45 interfaces for quick setup and easy audio routing between studios. 

Marantz PMD561 Compact Recorder

The PMD561 is a compact handheld professional-grade audio recorder that records directly onto SD/SDHC flash media. It’s compact and lightweight, yet it delivers audio recording quality of the very highest caliber, thanks to its sensitive stereo microphone arrangement and superior solid-state recording process. The PMD561 is intended for reporters, safety personnel, researchers, anyone who needs accurate, detailed, reliable in-field recordings.

Its hardware feature set includes an integrated high-quality stereo condenser microphone array for ‘point and shoot’ operation, switchable balanced mic/XLR line inputs, as well as unbalanced line outputs on RCA connectors and a secondary unbalanced line input on 3.5 mm mini jack connector.

Measuring just 6.7” x 4.1” x 1.6” (170 x 105 x 40mm) with a highly visible 128 x 64 dots matrix OLED (organic LED) display ensures ease of use wherever recording, playback or setup may be taking place. A high-resolution 24-bit / 96 kHz recording option means quality is never an issue when recording to the supplied SD flash card. Compatibility with SDHC media means cards up to 32 GB in size can be used. In addition, the new built in ‘SD Card Check’ makes it easy and convenient to insert any SD card and check compatibility. High capacity media storage is matched by seven hours recording time from four AA Alkaline / Ni-MH batteries. Drag-and-drop file transfer is supported via the USB port.


Omnia.11 is available in FM+HD with separate processing paths for FM or HD/DRM and FM without HD/DRM. The FM-only model is upgradeable to FM/HD at a later date. Switchable Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) technology for potential reduction of multipath is a standard feature. A front panel touch screen GUI, on a 10.5" diagonal screen, provides ease of use and enhanced metering and diagnostics. Remote access is available via any web browser. Livewire, AES/EBU digital and analog I/O are standard. Fanless cooling. Rugged 4 RU chassis.

Omnia.11s now ship with the G-Force Dynamics Engine standard. G-Force is also available as an optional Plug-In for Omnia.11 units already in the field.

Burk ARC-Plus Touch

The ARC Plus Touch brings power, flexibility and efficiency to IP-based broadcast remote control. Taking advantage of the scalability of IP and offering innovative options for I/O hardware connectivity, the ARC Plus Touch connects an unlimited number of sites, each with up to 256 channels of metering, status and command.

Belar FMHD-1

The Belar FMHD-1 is a state of the art HD Radio monitor designed to support the needs of today’s broadcaster well into the future. The monitor decodes the HD Radio signal and analog FM signal simultaneously displaying HD Radio status, data, time alignment, and configuration information, as well as total, pilot, L, R, L+R and L−R metering and RF spectrums. 

Whirlwind Snakes and Cable

Whirlwind's Medusa Series Snakes have been the touring standard worldwide for decades. They're still made in the USA with highest quality components.

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